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Suppliers guide in English


The business area ALLIGO, is found within the Momentum Group and consists of the following companies, TOOLS, Swedol, Grolls och Univern. We are the multi specialist who offers quality goods and services in a simple and professional way. Through customized concepts, professional users get efficient supply of goods at an attractive price. In addition to helping the customer find the right tool for their task, we also want to help by contributing knowledge and advice.


The purpose of this simplified guide is to make you, as a supplier to the companies within the Momentum group, aware of the requirements and expectations we have for order, invoice handling and deliveries to our central warehouses.

Our goal with this guide is that the order and invoice management and delivery should take place as safely and efficient as possible, so that we, in turn, can maintain high quality and delivery precision towards our customers.


Order handling
Purchase orders from TOOLS can be sent to you via email or EDI. We ask you to never allow orders without receiving a purchase order number from us. It is very important that our purchase order number is always included in all correspondence between Momentum and the supplier.

Order confirmations
Our orders must be processed promptly, and order confirmation must always be emailed to the responsible buyer or common mailbox for order confirmations or via EDI. Order responses must be received no later than the weekday after the order has been sent to the supplier. Items ordered in the agreed purchasing multiple must as far as possible be avoided from being partially delivered, this also applies to order items and special items. If the supplier can’t deliver full quantities or multiples, the purchaser must be informed. A supplier must deliver on the requested delivery date.

Order confirmations must contain

  • Order date

  • Supplier order number

  • Customer order number

  • Supplier product number

  • Customer product number

  • Delivery address

  • Product description/name

  • Price per pc, line total, and total

  • Any discounts

  • Confirmed delivery date

  • Information regarding part deliveries

Delivery and shipping note

  • The delivery note must always accompany the goods and must reflect what is actually in the physical delivery

  • The delivery note must be divided into two parts, main information, and a description of the goods

  • Delivery note can be e-mailed to the warehouse (see e-mail under addresses)

  • Delivery note must always accompany goods to be transited

  • When delivering large amounts of pallets there should be one delivery note attached to each pallet

  • Our order numbers must be sorted in our number sequence

  • The consignment note must always come with the goods, except on those occasions when goods are scanned with a mobile device

Delivery note – content

Main information

  • Supplier - name and address

  • Recipient - name and address and

  • Any contact person.

  • Shipping number

  • Delivery date

  • Delivery city

  • Shipping method

Description of the goods

  • Our order number

  • Supplier's article number

  • Our article number

  • Article description

  • Quantity (number of single units)

Shipping note – content

  • Our order number

  • Supplier - name and address

  • Recipient - name and address

Packaging instructions

  • We use four packaging levels, single unit, inner box / bundle, outer box and pallet unit

  • All items associated with a purchase order number must be packed together and addressed according to our purchase order

  • Different article numbers must be clearly separated in the lichen on a pallet, in a bag or carton and clearly marked with article number and name

  • If several orders are packed in the same package, these must be clearly separated in the package

  • Purchase orders to be transited must be separated from stock items and sent in different packages

  • Purchase orders with different addresses may under no circumstances be co-packed

  • All packaging units must be delivered with visually legible labels

  • Labels may not be affixed over logos

Packaging levels

Pallet Unit

  • Consists of several outer boxes or single units with one and the same article number, placed on a pallet

  • Packed with plastic for safe transport

  • Lable is clearly marked with;

    - Order number

    - Product number

    - Quantity

    - Weight

    Mixed pallet

  • Consists of several outer boxes with different article numbers, placed on a pallet

  • Wrapped with plastic for safe transport

  • Packed as much as possible in levels with the same product numbers

  • Distinguish article number clearly with e.g. cardboard sheets

  • Label is clearly marked with;

    -” Mixed pallet” on the label

    - Product number

    - Quantity of each product number

Mixed box

  • Consists of different items in the same box

  • Packed as much as possible in levels with the same product numbers

  • Distinguish article number clearly with e.g. cardboard sheets

  • Packed with transparent plastic for safe transport

  • Label is clearly marked with;

    -” Mixed box”

    - Product number

    - Quantity of each product number

Maximum dimensions and weights
Swedol - Örebro
Measure: 1200X800X1200
Weight: 750 kg/pallet

Swedol AS/Univern - Skedsmo
Measure: TBD
Weight: TBD

TOOLS AS - Kolbotn
Measure: TBD
Weight: TBD

TOOLS OY – Kotka
Measure: TBD
Weight: TBD


  • Packaging must be so strong and durable that it protects the contents

  • Deliveries must be well structured, packaged, and secured delivery

  • Preferably use transparent plastic so that recipients can most easily identify the goods

Dangerous goods

  • Deliveries of goods that are classified as dangerous goods must take place in accordance with current legislation, the UN's recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods

  • When delivering chemicals, for example, safety data sheets must always accompany the goods

Sustainability is important for TOOLS and we are constantly working to be sustainable within our processes. That is why we want suppliers to work to minimize waste, which can be done, among other things, by reducing the amount of packaging, filling materials, and consolidating shipments to us

General requirements for sustainability

  • Cellulose in cardboard and corrugated packaging must be completely based on unbleached pulp, pulp bleached without chlorine gas or hypochlorite and / or recycled pulp

  • Plastic in the packaging should not contain PVC

  • Plastic packaging must be marked in accordance with the standard DIN 6120 with the associated symbol, depending on the choice of material

The supplier must follow the instructions that are first and foremost stated in the contract, and secondly the order. Suppliers may not use TOOLS accounts for recipient freight with TOOLS carriers on their own initiative. In cases where deliveries take place on the supplier's freight agreement, the freight cost shall be invoiced with the goods and clearly stated on the goods invoice, unless the freight is free or included in the price.

Load carriers in form of approved EUR pallets are transferred to ALLIGO's pallet account for deliveries to our central warehouse.

Pallet account numbers

Swedol AB
Schenker – 13636022
DHL - 167783

Delivery address

Swedol Logistikcenter
Pilängsgatan 1
70236 Örebro

C/O Transit
Pilängsgatan 1
70236 Örebro

Swedol/ Univern AS
Industriveien 22B

Invoice Instructions

  • Invoicing must be done with one invoice per purchase order, collective invoicing is not


  • The price of the invoice must correspond to what has been delivered.

  • PDF invoices are preferred and must be sent to the specified email address.

  • Each attached document in an email is counted as one (1) unique invoice. This also means that any attachments must be in the same PDF file as the invoice.

  • Any messages or other information is sent to the respective order department.

Important information regarding invoicing

The invoice must contain;

  • Our order number

  • Product number

  • Delivered quantity

  • Invoiced amount per product and total amount

If the invoice is for an overhead cost, the first and last name of the customer must be stated under the heading "Your reference". An invoice can only refer to one order, ie collective invoices are not accepted. Invoice must be issued to the correct company name. Your invoices must be designed in such a way that each information item is recurring in the same position on the invoice. Invoices that do not meet the specified criteria will be returned.

Invoice address


Paper Invoice:
Swedol AB
Box 631
135 70 Tyresö

Organisationsnummer: 556127-6188

For more information about e-invoice:



Paper Invoice:
Swedol AS
Lurudveien 7
NO-2020 Skedsmokorset